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June 10, 2012

Another year, another Glammies awards show. Once again I can’t believe the quality of work this course manages to produce. Was awesome spending a couple of hours in a cinema seeing all the great stuff up on a big screen. I think we’ve got a lot to live up to next year…

So, here’s the Glammies 2012 Showreel:

May 31, 2012

And finally, its all over. Im just collating all my files together ready to hand in. Can’t believe how fast the time shot by. Also can’t believe its almost time to be a 3rd year. Crazy!!

Anyway, here is the final showreel of my 2nd year work. Unlike the longer coursereel, this does not have the entirety of my work on it. This simply has the best of what I’ve done during this major project. Plus it has music. Woooo.

YouTube Preview Image