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August 20, 2012
Posted in: TShirts

So apparently on my last post about my Qwertee tshirt I failed to actually put any links in it. Derp. Anyway, feeling kind of excited because my Qwertee tshirt just passed 100 votes. Feeling very pleased with that for a first tshirt design entry on Qwertee. Doesn’t look like its going to get printed any time soon (unless reddit suddenly stumbles across it and it goes crazy viral… which, lets be honest, is pretty unlikely to happen.)

Anyway, since I didn’t link it properly last time, you can have a more successful look this time :) And hey, if you like it, you can always click on that vote button 😉

This is a Crazy Tshirt, Maybe…

July 24, 2012
Posted in: TShirts

Following on from both my enjoyment and the success of doing some tshirt designing, another idea hit me. However its not something that would likely ever be sold at shirt.woot so I plumped for a different website for this one. Good old, reliable Qwertee. After about 24 hours of letting the idea settle in my mind I started playing about in Illustrator. It took me a while to get things working, as I have never really done any graphic design with text. Still, Im pretty pleased with the result. What do you think? It’s a crazy tshirt… maybe…

Ok yes, I admit it… this is a bit of a shameless plug, but I am pleased with my designing. So I know I just met you, and this is crazy, but perhaps if you like it, you could vote for it maybe? >.>