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So, I was lucky enough to be one of the successful applicants to Double Negative’s first ever graduate open day. I’ve been interested in the work Double Negative does for a long time now, especially after a great talk we had during my second year about their work on John Carter. It was a fantastic opportunity to get a closer look at the company and how they operate. The afternoon consisted of a short tour (avoiding showing us anything that needed to stay out of the public eye of course) followed by a really interesting talk about some of their work on Fast and Furious 6. Next there was a Q&A session followed by a chance to network with a variety of the staff.

I had some really interesting conversations about possible career paths and I now know that getting into the rigging team at DNeg is possibly one of the hardest goals I could set myself. Of course, that hasn’t put me off, its merely made me all the more determined to prove what I am capable of.

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Yeah… I made a Twitter account >.> LilSquiggle is my user. Im not sure Im gonna use it much, just keep an eye on things in the world of short pointless posts and see if I can get some extra traffic back to any tshirts I make. I’ve made a spectacular two tweets so far. Fun times. I wonder how long it will take before strange bots start following me…

September 29, 2011
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So… one moment I was successfully posting to my blog, the next moment it was almost two months later. Whoops! Term has now started again and things are already hectic. Also there are a huge number of first years, meaning its a lot harder to find a computer at uni which is a real pain for me when I commute in and can’t just pop home for an hour to get some work done. Will be keeping an eye on things over the next few weeks and may have to resort to emptying my bank account for a laptop. We shall see…

In the mean time, I think I need to try and get this blog up to date so that this year people can see work as I progress with it all….